A cleaned and CareGuard protective coated bathroom tile floor

Preserve, Prolong and Protect Your Hard Floors with CareGuard Protective Coatings

The flooring in your commercial building is more than a surface meant to be walked across. When your employees, customers, and clients enter your building, your flooring can catch their eye and make a lasting impression.

If your flooring is old, unkept, dull, dirty, or worn, your customers' lasting impression is likely to be a bad one. But gleaming, shiny floors it can help to make a great first impression.

A performance floor coating, such as CareGuard Protecting Coatings, provides many benefits for your hard commercial flooring surfaces. Here at Corporate Care, we are proud to offer CareGuard Plus and CareGuard Premium protective coating as a part of our floor restoration services.

What types of flooring surfaces can CareGuard Protective Coatings be applied to?

A performance floor coating can be applied to almost any commercial flooring hard surface, including tile and grout, terrazzo, resilient flooring, and concrete floor surfaces. If you have a hard floor not mentioned here, contact us to determine if we have another protective flooring treatment that can be applied to your flooring surface.

What are the steps involved in using CareGuard Protective Coatings?

CareGuard Protective Coatings need to be applied by a professional, such as the team at Corporate Care. Here are the general steps we follow when applying a performance floor coating to your commercial hard flooring surface.

Stripping finishes, soil, and oils

Before protective coatings can be applied, all finishes, soil, and oils must be stripped from your floor. Stripping the floor helps to remove wax, oils, and other residues that can affect the overall appearance of your floor while also helping the coating to adhere properly to the floor.

Deep cleaning the floor and grout

Once the residue has been stripped from the floor, the flooring and the grout (if there is grout) will be deep cleaned. Tile and grout restoration helps remove stains and discoloration through acid scrub and hot water extraction. Grout restoration can also be performed to change or unify the grout's color throughout the space. The grout recoloring process, along with an application of our CareGuard protective coating, can make the space look as good or better than the day it was installed.

Applying one to three coats of the protective coating

Once the flooring is completely clean, applying the protective coat can begin. CareGuard Protective coatings may need one or more coatings, depending on the type of coating used and the type of flooring the coating is being applied upon.

Protective coatings are an impervious layer on top of your floor. Therefore, dirt and debris never touch your flooring materials, and they remain on the surface of the coating.

What are the benefits of using CareGuard Protective Coatings?

There are numerous benefits associated with using CareGuard Protective Coatings on your hard commercial flooring surfaces. If you are considering having a coating applied, you may wonder whether the product's benefits are worth the cost. Some of the benefits include:

Abrasion and scratch resistance

One of the benefits associated with using CareGuard protective coatings on your commercial flooring products is that it helps to protect your flooring from scratches, scrapes, and other abrasions. The coating covalently bonds to the surface, creating a barrier between the flooring and items that move on top of the floor, such as shoes, forklifts, or shopping carts, ensuring that these items are not in direct contact with the flooring, minimizing the damage done to your flooring.

Decreases the growth of microorganisms

CareGuard products contain anti-microbial properties and help to decrease the growth of microorganisms such as germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. A protective coating makes cleaning the floor faster and easier and helps keep your space more sanitary.

Anti-microbial surfaces in your commercial space can also increase employee health, reducing the number of sick days your employees take.

Aids in improving the overall look of your flooring

The Fountain of Youth for Floors™ – CareGuard Performance Coatings significantly improves the overall look of your commercial flooring. In many cases, the floor will look as good as new.

If your hard flooring surface looks worn, tired, dull, or dirty, a floor coating may help to bring it back to life. The right coating is a breath of fresh air to your flooring, helping to restore color and shine back to the floors in your building, restoring them to a like-new luster.

Reduces the burden of scuff mark removal

Dark-soled shoes, wheeled carts, hand trucks, and moving furniture can all create unsightly and hard-to-remove scuff marks on your once beautiful floor. No worries! Our anti-microbial impervious clear coating will make removing scuff marks a breeze.

Keeps your grout cleaner

If your commercial flooring has grout, you know how hard it can be to keep that grout clean. Dirt, dust, and spills can all cause your grout to stain and become discolored. And cleaning grout is time-consuming and challenging.

Grout is extremely porous; soaking up liquids like a sponge provides an excellent environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. Yuck!

CareGuard Protective Coatings bond with the floor, creating a clear layer of protection, preventing the grout pores from absorbing these elements, and will help keep your grout cleaner.

Eliminates and prevents odors trapped in porous flooring

Concrete and the grout between tiles can absorb liquid, dirt, dust, and other residue types. They can also harbor bacteria that grow, thrive, and create unpleasant odors, which is why flooring in a bathroom can smell unpleasant and why flooring in a kitchen can absorb food scents.

While preparing your floor for a coating, the bacteria that create odor are completely removed from your flooring and grout. The protective coating then helps to ensure the pores in porous flooring materials and grout are sealed and coated, not allowing bacterial growth to get a foothold.

Reduces the amount of time it takes to clean your flooring

One of the biggest benefits associated with CareGuard Protective Coatings is that they help reduce the time it takes to clean your flooring. Not only can your janitorial crew clean the space faster and better with green cleaners and a microfiber mop, but the space also doesn't get as dirty due to the coating.

One janitor asked our team leader when all the other restroom restorations would be complete because the newly restored restrooms were a breeze to keep clean. She said working in the non-restored restrooms was demoralizing because they never looked or smelled clean, no matter how long or hard she worked.

Increases the lifespan of your flooring

The final benefit to using CareGuard Protective Coatings is that a coating helps increase your flooring lifespan. Replacing the flooring in a commercial building can add up quickly, so you want to do everything you can to help your flooring last. When routinely applied, a performance floor coating can help maximize the lifespan of your hard commercial flooring materials.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of CareGuard Protective Coatings?

Call Corporate Care for an estimate today! There are numerous benefits associated with coating your commercial flooring with a protective coating, including extending your floors' lifespan and reducing your janitorial crew's time cleaning your floors.

If you want to learn more about applying CareGuard Protective Coatings to your commercial flooring, contact us today.


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