Restore the shine and luster with metal maintenance services

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Custom maintenance and refinishing care for commercial metal surfaces, architectural features, and hardware.

Don’t let your metal surfaces tarnish your reputation

In commercial buildings, metal surfaces, and hardware are expensive decorative investments that give your space a modern and high-end appeal. Over time, these hard-working finishes take heavy abuse, often leaving them dull, tarnished, dented, and scratched.

Your existing cleaning crew can easily handle the daily cleaning and polishing. To repair and revitalize, ensuring these surfaces look fabulous and last as long as possible, they need special care from experienced metal experts.

When metal elevators, door handles, turnstiles, or architectural accents look worn, start peeling, or lack their original luster, it can severely affect the appearance of your building and tarnish your brand reputation.

Metal refinishing and corrosion prevention will help you avoid costly restoration or replacements down the line while improving your brand reputation.

  • Interior and exterior elevators
  • Architectural accents
  • Metal signage
  • Turnstiles
  • Door handles
  • Chair, table, and desk legs

Keep your metal surfaces shining bright and preserve the beauty and brilliance of your metal finishes by partnering with Corporate Care – the deep cleaning specialists.

Restore your metal surfaces to their original polished beauty

Corporate Care restores and maintains a variety of metal surfaces like aluminum, bronze, brass, nickel, copper, chrome, and stainless steel.

Our metal restoration process can restore rusted, oxidized, corroded, scratched, peeling, dented, or discolored metal. Properly caring for your metal surfaces with a proactive maintenance plan to catch and repair issues early is the best way to avoid the cost of replacement.

Our IICRC®-certified technicians can restore, maintain, and refinish your metal surfaces and hardware to look brand new again and stay that way.

Let our experts design a proactive care plan that fits your needs and budget. All maintenance plans come with an appearance warranty.

  • Eliminate a dull or dirty appearance
  • Remove scratches, dents, rust, and stains
  • Restore the original brilliance of metal finishes
  • Reduce expensive metal restoration
  • Extend the asset life of metal finishes
  • Add an anti-corrosion coating to vulnerable surfaces
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Protect your metal from corrosion with sealers and coatings

Once we have completed our detailed repair and restoration work, we will buff out the surface of your metals using specialized equipment that won’t cause any damage to the surface and apply a special sealer to protect the final finish from stains and damage.

Our CareGuard Anti-Corrosion Coating is clear in color and covalently bonds with painted and non-ferrous metal. The top coat adds a solid layer of protection over the metal to ensure the metal is not in direct contact with air that may contain moisture and humidity that can lead to rust or corrosion.

CareGuard coatings can be applied to metal surfaces in any environment, including corporate, medical, restaurant, education, hospitality, and industrial buildings.

Routine care of metal surfaces

Your existing cleaning crew works hard to routinely care for and clean your metal surfaces. However, they are not equipped to restore and protect your metal surfaces. And unfortunately, often treat all metal surfaces the same, causing damage.

Improper metal cleaning and polishing techniques can permanently damage the appearance of your metal finishes, requiring unnecessary expense.

The Corporate Care team can teach your existing cleaning staff how to care for your sensitive architectural surfaces. We create a customized care plan for each of your surface types to ensure the things that should be shiny remain beautifully lustrous.

Microfiber cloths and soft sponges are the best tools to clean stainless steel.


Did You Know?

Rust is one of the most common forms of corrosion.

Too much humidity or condensation is the leading cause of corrosion.

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Organically Grown.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Metal Surface in Your Building

Customized Care Plan for Metal Surfaces

As surface care experts, we understand the nuances of each metal surface type, what it needs, what it doesn’t, and how to keep it looking amazing. That’s why we tailor our deep cleaning and maintenance programs to your building’s unique needs.

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Book an assessment, and our experts will visit your facility to evaluate your deep cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs.

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Once we assess all your metal surfaces and hardware, we provide tailored recommendations for your building(s).

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Customized Program

We implement a cadenced program to restore, maintain and extend the life and beauty of your metal surfaces.

Our deep restorative cleaning + protective coating system is available as part of your preventative care plan and as a one-time service.

High quality. Fair price. Legendary service.

Specialty surface care is about augmenting and supporting your current cleaning protocols. As deep cleaning specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that are easy to maintain.

  • Flexible programs to meet the changing needs of your facility
  • Highly-trained, tenured technicians ensure quality & consistency
  • Extensive one-time service menu to help solve unexpected problems
  • Proactive communication with transparent reporting
  • Green cleaning chemistry & techniques reduce environmental impact
  • Fully integrated and dedicated HSE manager on staff
  • IICRC®-certified technicians with IICRC® instructor on staff
  • Full support and supplemental training are available for your existing cleaning crew to ensure consistency
  • Warranty adherence to protect your investment

Corporate Care has the highest staff retention rates of any specialty surface care company in the US. Our Care Team averages 12+ years with the company!

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Sustainability in action

At Corporate Care, we help you create a safe, healthy, and happy work environment aligned with global sustainability goals. We’re committed to reducing needless additions to landfills by making your furniture and textiles look amazing, last as long as possible, and are always looking for ways to clean more sustainably.

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Restorative anti-corrosive care for your metal surfaces.

Don’t let your metal surfaces tarnish your reputation.

Corporate Care offers a condition assessment and CarePlan recommendations for all of your metal finishes and surfaces. If your metal has lost its shine, is scratched or dented, or is becoming discolored, our team can fix it. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Let’s discuss the results you want to see.

Frequently Asked Metal Cleaning Questions

Though metal is a durable material, things like acid, using the wrong cleaning products, water, and humidity can cause corrosion and strip your metal of its natural beauty.

The Corporate Care team can teach your existing cleaning staff how to care for your sensitive architectural surfaces. We create a customized care plan for each of your surface types to insure the things that should be shiny remain beautifully lustrous.

Refinishing your metal surfaces involves buffing away any rust or dirt from the surface, removing any grease before repairing scratches, and giving your metal a final seal and CareGuard coating.

You can stop rust from forming by keeping your metal clean and dry at all times and controlling humidity in your commercial building. Indoor and outdoor painted and non-ferrous metal surfaces often exposed to water can be coated with our CareGuard Anti-Corrosion coating to keep your metal looking great and rust at bay.

The difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is that ferrous metals contain iron and non-ferrous metals do not. This fundamental difference imparts distinctive properties to the two types of metals, which add to their physical properties and determine the most suitable applications.

Ferrous metals include mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and wrought iron.

Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, tin, lead, zinc, and precious metals.

Your metal finishes and surfaces may need to be restored if you notice:

  • Tarnished metal
  • Dented metal
  • Scratched metal
  • Peeling paint or lacquer
  • Discolored metal surface due to improper cleaning
  • Rusted or corroded metal

There are numerous benefits associated with metal surface restoration. Some of those benefits include:

  • Eliminating dull or dirty appearances
  • Removing scratches, dents, and dings
  • Restoring the original brilliance of metal finishes
  • Reducing the need for expensive metal restoration work
  • Extending the asset life of metal finishes

Not every type of metal needs to be protected from rust or corrosion. Each type of metal has different properties, and some metals naturally resist rust or corrosion. A professional can help you determine if your metal finishes and surfaces need corrosion protection.

Many factors affect how frequently metal finishes and surfaces need to be coated to protect against rust and corrosion. These factors include the type of coating used and the weather elements the metal is subjected to, like coastal areas with excessive salt in the air. A professional can help you determine how frequently your metal items should be professionally coated to maximize the benefits associated with a corrosion protectant.

Restoration of metal architecture is possible in nearly all situations. Our restoration process helps remove damage and revitalize the original luster of the metal finish while providing a higher overall performance level.

Polishing is one way to remove scratches from various types of metal, including stainless steel and brass, and should be done using effective metal polish and careful attention to detail.

Enabling your floors, fabrics, and finishes to live long and prosper.