We have the secret to beautiful floors that are easy to clean

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Helping facilities improve the appearance, protect, and prolong the life of flooring investments with protective CareGuard floor coatings & restorative polishing solutions.

Extend the life of your floors with CareGuard protective coatings

While deep cleaning, restoration, and maintenance are essential for extending the lifespan of your commercial building's surfaces, our innovative CareGuard coatings are the final vital layer of protection your hard floors and surfaces need to stay looking beautiful for longer.

Protective floor coatings are sustainable solutions that look amazing, are easy to maintain, and reduce operational expenses. They can also change the characteristics of your flooring in terms of finish, durability, static dissipation, and anti-slip protection.

Commercial floor coatings can be added to:

  • Tile & grout
  • Terrazzo
  • Exposed Concrete
  • Resilient
  • Wood

“It’s crazy; it’s been four years since the restoration, and the floors still look day-one fresh. Thank you!”
— Director of Facility Operations

It's common for coatings to be applied to older flooring that has seen better days to help revive the floor's appearance and improve its performance.

Performance coatings can also be applied to new flooring to proactively lengthen the lifespan of the flooring and make the floor easier to care for and keep clean.

restroom tile and grout protective floor coatings before and after

What does the photo on the left say to your visitors vs. the photo on the right? First impressions matter.

Preserve. Prolong. Protect.

CareGuard protective coatings and finishes are a great alternative to acrylic wax coatings, as they’re more sustainable, durable, easier to clean, and give you flexibility in the final finish of your hard surfaces. Whether you want a glossy or matte finish, include an anti-slip additive, or add a colorant (only available for concrete surfaces), we have a range of quality options to suit your needs and budget.

Rough, scratched, and uncoated surfaces can give your visitors a bad impression of your company.

Benefits of CareGuard protective coatings:

  • Unparalleled abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Increased floor durability and longevity
  • Anti-Microbial Growth (ASTM G-21)
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Budget savings and reduced operational expenses
  • Mitigates mold and mildew growth
  • Improved traction, wet or dry (NFSI certified)
  • Reduces potential occupant slips and falls
  • It eliminates the need for waxing and buffing
  • Reduces restoration frequency requirements
  • Eliminates odors trapped in restroom grout
  • Crystal clear finish is non-yellowing
  • Non-sacrificial, anti-graffiti protection
  • Easy to remove scuff marks
  • Achieve matte or gloss finish
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Beautiful, long-lasting & sustainable

Our deep cleaning process + CareGuard Premium is a perfect recipe for a stunning restroom restoration.

Your secret to sparkling clean and easy-to-maintain restrooms!

restroom tile and grout transformation

CareGuard Premium is your long-term tile and grout sanitation and maintenance solution. When grime and bacterial growth build up in your grout and your restroom tiles lose their luster, it can seriously harm your brand reputation and provide a poor experience for your visitors and team members.

Our CareGuard Premium coating becomes a part of your restroom’s surface, bonding to your commercial floor to add a highly durable, protective, and antimicrobial layer that reduces bacteria, mold, mildew, and discoloration build-up. It’s a breeze to clean, minimizes odors, extends the lifespan of restroom surfaces, and eliminates the need for continual waxing and buffing.

restroom tile and grout before and after

Privately Held.
Organically Grown.

before and after polished concrete shine - protective floor coatings
hand pulling metal door handle - Metal Polishing Service and Maintenance

CareGuard Premium can be used as an anti-corrosion barrier on non-ferrous or painted metal after the metal restoration process.

beautiful terrazzo flooring

“Once my client laid his eyes on the demo floor, he was all in.
The floor literally looked brand new!”

The Fountain of Youth for Floors™

Hard Surfaces Coating & Finishing Systems

Acrylic Wax*

+ Strip finishes & soils
+ Apply 4-5 coats

CareGuard Plus

+ Strip finishes & soils
+ Apply 1-3 coats

CareGuard Premium

+ Strip finishes & soils
+ Apply 1 coat
These coatings are best used on these surfaces:Terrazzo
Tile & Grout
Tile & Grout
DurabilityRequires ongoing maintenance12-36 Months**36-60 Months**
FinishHigh gloss or matteHigh gloss or matteHigh gloss, semi-gloss or matte
Turnaround timeDry time: 30 min-1 hr
Walkable right away
Dry time: 30 min-1 hr
Walkable when dry
Dry time: 4-8 hr
Walkable when dry
Maintenance & required upkeep to maintain appearance.High level of maintenance needed:

Frequent burnishing, scrubbing,
and chemical stripping is required.

FYI: slips and falls happen most often during the stripping process
Moderate maintenance needed:

Periodic scrub & recoat.

(no stripping required beyond the first restoration to remove prior finish)
Minimal maintenance needed:

Neutral cleaner with a microfiber
or auto scrubber.

(no stripping required ever)(no stripping required beyond the first restoration to remove prior finish)
Level of protectionMinimal chemical and abrasion resistantModerate chemical and abrasion resistantMaximum chemical and abrasion-resistant. Covalently bonds to the surface.
Extended appearance warrantyNot available1 year with maintenance agreement1 yr w/out maintenance agreement
3 yr w/ maintenance agreement
Restoration process removes soil, dirt, grime, finishes, sealer, and mineral depositsXXX
Improves overall appearanceXXX
Can use green cleaning chemistry after conversionXX
CareGuard Protective CoatingXX
Easy for your janitorial team to maintain***X
Improved stain protection and durabilityX
Additional traction protection
  • High Traction - received the highest mark available on the ANSI/NFSI B101.3 Slip Resistance Test.
  • Wet / Dry
  • Anti-slip additive for locker rooms, showers, handicap ramps, walkways, commercial kitchens and more.
Maximum stain and chemical resistanceX
Best fit for these situations
  • Budget constraints
  • Budget constraints
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Long-term solution
  • Need to avoid replacement costs and disruption
  • Need to completely revitalize worn-out looking floor
  • Want to lower labor costs

* Existing cleaning crew will often put an acrylic finish on all surfaces. We do not agree that wax is a one-size-fits-all solution, there are better options available.
** System performance timespan/durability depends on the wear and tear of the location and the level of care or neglect the surface receives.
*** We will provide your cleaning crew with cleaning protocols and chemistry usage instructions to maximize the longevity of your floor’s new appearance.

Protective floor coating solution for every surface and budget

What to expect

At Corporate Care, we know that no two floors are the same.

We have a vast toolbox of cleaning and coating chemistry to work with and extensive training and experience on what to use and what not to use on each surface. Each flooring surface has a unique need based on its makeup, traffic pattern, and wear load. We work with our clients to develop the best performance coatings for their floors, providing them with the maximum benefits within their budget.

the number 1


Contact us to book an assessment, and our experts will visit your site to assess your surfaces.

the number 2


Based on your flooring needs and budget, we provide tailored coating recommendations.

the number 3


Our experts will protect your surfaces and extend their lifespan using CareGuard coating.

Our deep restorative cleaning + protective coating system is available as part of your preventative care plan and as a one-time service.

Why Corporate Care collage

High quality. Fair price. Legendary service.

Specialty surface care is about augmenting and supporting your current cleaning protocols. As deep cleaning specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that are easy to maintain.

  • Flexible programs to meet the changing needs of your facility
  • Highly-trained, tenured technicians ensure quality & consistency
  • Extensive one-time service menu to help solve unexpected problems
  • Proactive communication with transparent reporting
  • Green cleaning chemistry & techniques reduce environmental impact
  • Fully integrated and dedicated HSE manager on staff
  • IICRC®-certified technicians with IICRC® instructor on staff
  • Full support and supplemental training are available for your existing cleaning crew to ensure consistency
  • Warranty adherence to protect your investment

Corporate Care has the highest staff retention rates of any specialty surface care company in the US. Our Care Team averages 12+ years with the company!

We show up on time. Keep our promises. No Excuses.

Sustainability in action

More and more businesses are focused on sustainability and doing their part to minimize their business's impact on the environment. Applying performance coatings to your floors can help your business achieve sustainability goals. Flooring coatings can help keep your floors looking cleaner with less water usage and without using cleaning solvents that may not be environmentally friendly. Performance coatings can also help keep your commercial flooring looking its best for decades. It not only looks great but also minimizes the frequency with which you need to replace your flooring, reducing the amount of flooring ending up in landfills.

We protect the environment by:

  • Reducing energy usage
  • Reducing wastewater
  • Using leading-edge technology
  • Using “Green Seal” products
  • Minimizing maintenance
  • Deferring replacement costs and adding to the landfill

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Sustainable solutions. Stunning results. Easy maintenance.

Give your floors a layer of protection with our CareGuard coating systems.

Whether you are looking to maximize the lifespan of a new floor or revive an older floor showing its age, our team can help you find the right performance coating. Reach out to us today to get started.

Let’s discuss the results you want to see.

Frequently Asked Floor Coating Questions

If you want your surface investments to stand the test of time, look good for longer, and resist wear and tear, then a protective coating is your best option in most cases.

Your floor may not need a protective coating because the current coating is still in good condition. 

We are happy to discuss your current situation and recommend options within your budget that will make your floors look amazing.

System performance timespan and durability depend on the quality of the coating, expertise of the application, wear and tear of the location, and the level of care or neglect the surface receives after application. 

Our top-of-the-line coating can last up to 60 months or more with one of our customized maintenance plans. 

Sealers penetrate the surface and impregnate the pores of the floor to create a barrier against stains, dirt, and grease build-up. In contrast, coatings are an overlay over the entire floor surface. Our premium coating covalently bonds with the surface to make it impervious to dirt and bacteria. Coatings come in a range of thicknesses and finishes to provide a long-lasting antimicrobial protective barrier.

It depends on the situation, concrete floor condition, desired outcome, and budget.

We can polish concrete floors with diamond honing equipment and buff them to a polished shine. But that is more expensive and requires a lot of maintenance upkeep. That is one of the reasons many surface care companies prefer to offer hone and polishing as the best and only solution for concrete.

Hone and polish may be the right choice for the situation, and it may not. However, it's probably right for the provider's bottom line.

Trying to decide what solution is best for your flooring is where turning to a trusted advisor pays off. We offer the facility and property manager the best solution for this situation, budget, and goals.

Adding a semi-permanent coating on the concrete floor allows you to eliminate a lot of the maintenance requirements, get the shine level you desire, you can use green cleaners, and avoid harsh chemicals.

One application of Care Guard Premium can last up to 60 months; we've seen it last even longer when the floor is properly maintained.

Enabling your floors, fabrics, and finishes to live long and prosper.