Are your surfaces getting cleaned effectively or at all?


CleanMeasures™ is a hygiene intervention program that tests and documents your cleaning program's effectiveness.

Measuring enhanced cleaning
& disinfecting protocols results.

Say goodbye to subjective opinions on cleaning quality! Our CleanMeasures™ assessment services utilize our proven CleanMeasures™ Cleaning Verification System to provide real-time, quantitative measures to determine how effective a workplace’s cleaning and disinfecting strategies are.

With our Evidence-Based Cleaning™ service, there’s no more wondering if your building is being cleaned properly and effectively. CleanMeasures™ Cleaning Verification System gives you peace of mind while handling your risk mitigation responsibilities.

According to our clients, even barely occupied buildings are effectively cleaned and disinfected thanks to this program.

We can use site inspection data to indicate high touch surface cleanliness in the office workplace sampling areas by testing for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) presence. ATP is an organic compound present in all living cells. ATP meters measure the amount of live microbial present on surfaces.

CleanMeasures™ Cleaning Verification System

  1. Gather information
  2. Create/adjust the program
  3. Generate work orders
  4. Weekly huddle
  5. Analyze results
  6. Complete testing

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Find out if your cleaning protocal is adequate and if it is being followed.

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