smoke coming out of an office building - fire and smoke damage remediation Corporate Care

Reviving Your Facility – Emergency Deep Cleaning For Fire And Smoke Damage

An estimated 3,340 office properties annually experience fires, causing around $112 million in direct property damage! Even a small fire can leave behind stubborn smoke, fire damage, soot, and strong odors in your commercial property that require the expertise of specialists to remove effectively. As a facility manager, you are responsible for the safety and…

water sitting in the floor of a commercial space with mop bucket in view

What to Expect When Working With a Water Damage Remediation Service

Many commercial building and business owners have never had to hire a water remediation service to repair flood damage to their facilities. Working with these services for the first time can present unexpected challenges. But at Corporate Care, our team is here to help you when you need water damage remediation services. A water damage…

office with water damage

The Facility Manager’s Emergency Water Remediation To-Do List

Property owners and facility managers can have a huge workload added to their to-do list when interior water damage occurs. Whatever the cause, damage to your property’s assets can cost you and your tenants time, productivity, and revenue. When a water disaster occurs, your first step should always be securing the premises, which helps limit…

Covid-19 infection control - close up of covid-19 virus

COVID-19 Infection Control Guidelines For Facility Managers

Since the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world in March 2020, facility managers have had their work seriously cut out for them! Strict disinfection protocols, COVID-safe screen installations, and social distancing floor stickers are just some of the responsibilities you’ve had to add to your (already) long list of duties over the past two years. But…

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24/7 Facility Support Hotline

Nationwide support center staffed with resourceful facility coordinators 24/7 – (800) 728-8508