Extend the life of your carpet with a deep clean regimen.

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Create an inviting space for employees and guests to enjoy with restorative carpet cleaning services that revitalize your carpet.

Vacuuming alone just isn’t good enough

Carpet is one of your largest interior investments, but it’s also one of the most abused. A big misconception about carpeting is that vacuuming is all that is needed to keep it looking great.

Vacuuming can remove surface-level dust and dirt, but it can not remove dirt, oils, air pollutants, allergens, and toxins embedded deep within the carpet's fibers, nor can it remove spots or stains. That is where regular commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance come into play.

A build-up of dry soil particles acts like sandpaper on rug fibers, leading to accelerated wear, plus oils and soil bond to carpet fibers, making nightly vacuuming progressively less effective. While janitorial teams do their best with the time they have, your carpet will degrade much quicker without regular deep cleaning services supporting it long-term.

Improper vacuuming, lack of deep cleaning, and inadequate
cleaning methods will:

  • Significantly reduce your carpet’s lifespan
  • Damage your carpet and violate warranties
  • Reduce air quality with deeply-trapped dust
  • Contribute to unnecessary replacements
  • Affect the overall appearance of your carpet

Your carpet may “look” clean… but is it?

Dry Soils From Upright Beater Bar Dual Motor Vacuum. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet is a collector of stuff, just one square yard of carpet can contain up to 1 pound of dirt and still look clean. That’s because most dirt falls to the base of the carpet, where the fibers are connected to the matting. So, just because a carpet looks clean doesn’t mean it is.

To make matters even worse, most vacuums, especially backpack vacuums, lack the power to remove more than surface dirt and dust. Leaving stuff trapped in the carpet fibers that accelerate wear and shorten its lifespan. The only way to truly clean your carpets is with regular commercial carpet cleaning service.

Protect your carpet; protect your brand

No flooring material says style, fashion, comfort, and warmth like carpet. Our IICRC®-certified CareTeam will ensure your carpet is truly clean, creating a cleaner, healthier office environment that shows everyone you care and gives a fantastic first impression to visitors with custom cleaning programs that will:

  • Restore your carpet to its former glory
  • Double or even triple your carpet’s lifespan
  • Help maintain valid warranties
  • Improve air quality & employee satisfaction
  • Prevent rapid re-soiling & premature aging
  • Improve the results of nightly vacuuming
  • Process approved by all carpet mills

Proactive partner.
Proven results.
Protecting your investments.

Periodic deep cleaning ensures your floors have a longer life expectancy and will look their best for years to come. Like you go to the dentist twice a year for deep cleaning, your floors need that same attention.

We practice low-moisture carpet care, otherwise known as interim cleaning. Low-moisture carpet care helps protect carpet appearance at a low cost while also extending the carpet’s life. Excessive moisture can negatively affect carpet lifespan, leading to mold and mildew growth. The carpet will stay clean by using low-moisture carpet cleaning systems consisting of machines and chemistry. It is also a very sustainable cleaning method, requiring little water and energy.

The right carpet will fail prematurely with the wrong kind of care. Proper care can and will extend the life of the carpet far beyond what's expected.


Did You Know?

With average care, commercial carpets only last 5-7 years.

Then it‘s off to the landfill.

We can do better!

With our preventative care maintenance program, you can double or triple that lifespan.

Privately Held.
Organically Grown.

before and after deep carept cleaning restoration makeover service
Deep Restorative Carpet Cleaning - before and after comparison of carpet color.
carpet stain before and after
Get spots and stains removed from your carpet.

We’re your secret to beautiful long-lasting floors, fabrics, and finishes.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service Options

Spot Cleaning

Our IICRC®-certified technicians can remove a variety of spots and stains using our specialized skills and cleaning methods.

A one-time deep restorative cleaning service that can reverse the ravages of wear and tear. Let‘s make your carpet look great again.

Preventitive Care

Customized maintenance program to improve the appearance and longevity of every surface in the buildings you manage.

High quality. Fair price. Legendary service.

Specialty surface care is about augmenting and supporting your current cleaning protocols. As deep cleaning specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that are easy to maintain.

  • Flexible programs to meet the changing needs of your facility
  • Highly-trained, tenured technicians ensure quality & consistency
  • Extensive one-time service menu to help solve unexpected problems
  • Proactive communication with transparent reporting
  • Green cleaning chemistry & techniques reduce environmental impact
  • Fully integrated and dedicated HSE manager on staff
  • IICRC®-certified technicians with IICRC® instructor on staff
  • Full support and supplemental training are available for your existing cleaning crew to ensure consistency
  • Warranty adherence to protect your investment

Corporate Care has the highest staff retention rates of any specialty surface care company in the US. Our Care Team averages 12+ years with the company!

Why Corporate Care collage

Customized Preventative Care Plan

By thoroughly understanding your carpet and continually monitoring its performance, we develop carpet care programs that evolve as your needs change to optimize performance, extend carpet life, and give you maximum return on investment.

the number 1

Get in Touch

Book an assessment, and our experts will visit your facility to discuss and evaluate the needs of your corporate carpet.

the number 2

The Evaluation

To develop a custom program, we evaluate traffic patterns, carpet condition, type of carpet fibers, and warranty requirements.

the number 3

Customized Program

We implement a cadenced program to restore, maintain and extend the life of all the carpets throughout your building(s).

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Sustainability in action

At Corporate Care, we help you create a safe, healthy, and happy work environment that aligns with global sustainability goals. We’re committed to reducing needless landfills by making your carpet last as long as possible and are always looking for ways to clean more sustainably.

We help you protect the environment by:

  • Saving energy usage
  • Reducing wastewater
  • Using leading-edge technology
  • Using “Green Seal” products
  • Extending the lifespan of your carpet

Did you know?

  • Carpet can contain up to 4x its weight in dirt and other contaminants that fall to the ground or are tracked into the building.
  • Carpet is a noise reducer.
  • Carpet is an air filter of sorts. Unlike hard surfaces, dust, dirt, air pollutants, and allergens settle in the fibers and are not easily kicked up into the room to be breathed in.
  • Nightly vacuuming, especially with a backpack vacuum, removes only a portion of what the carpet “collects.”
  • Cleaning solution residue left behind in your carpet fibers will actually attract dirt and this excess residue can damage your carpet fibers.
  • The use of improper or overly harsh cleaning methods, like Bonnet cleaning, which we affectionately call “The Grinder,” can permanently damage or change the appearance of your carpet as well as violate your manufacturer warranty.
  • Carpet is one of the most abused surfaces in commercial buildings.
  • With average care, carpets last 5-7 years. With our deep cleaning programs, you can double that lifespan.
  • 5 billion pounds of carpet end up in landfills every year and it takes up to 100 years to decompose, (EPA).
  • Don't replace, revitalize! Give us a call if you want to improve your carpet's appearance, performance, or longevity.

Are you ready to give your carpet the attention it needs?

If your carpets look stained, discolored, or run-down, you may think replacing the carpet is your only option. Our team can revive your carpeting and extend its lifespan. Reach out to Corporate Care to schedule a service appointment today.

Let’s discuss the results you want to see.

Frequently asked carpet cleaning questions

We ensure that your carpet will be dry by the next morning, so there is no need to schedule a deep clean only on Fridays.

A carpet spot isn’t set deep within the fibers of your carpet and can be removed. A carpet stain occurs when a spot isn’t treated quickly enough, is treated improperly, or is from a quick staining substance, all of which are harder but not always impossible to remove.

Yes, every carpet needs regular deep cleaning regardless of how new it is. Vacuuming will not remove soil particles that get trapped deep within the fibers.

Our commercial carpet cleaning prices are calculated based square footage, carpet type, and the frequency on the size and needs of your business.

Companies call for carpet cleaning and maintenance for a number of different reasons. Some of those reasons are:

  • They are looking for a second opinion about the condition of their carpet
  • The carpet looks worn, and they need it deep cleaned
  • It’s been over a year since it was last cleaned
  • There are stubborn stains or discolored areas that will not come up with regular treatment processes
  • They are looking to extend the lifespan of their flooring and put off replacement costs
  • They want to restore their carpet vs. buying new and adding to the landfill
  • They are following the manufacturer's recommendation for maintenance

When you use a low moisture cleaning method, such as that offered by Corporate Care, your carpets should be dried within 4-6 hours, which helps minimize downtime in a business or office space.

As a general rule of thumb, business owners should deep clean their carpets at least two times per year. However, you may need your carpets cleaned more or less frequently based on the amount of foot traffic present and the type of carpet installed.

When spills happen, we are here to help our clients treat the spot so that it does not become a stain.

Adding walk-off mats can be a big help in capturing dirt before it gets to your carpet. The vast majority of dirt and soil is tracked in the building via dirty shoes. Placing 10-15 feet of entryway walk-off doormats at every entry allows tracked-in dirt to dislodge onto the mat and not get tracked onto your carpeted floors. 

Corporate Care can provide clarity and insight on whether or not it’s time for your carpet should be replaced. If your carpet can no longer be restored to an acceptable appearance and a new carpet is needed, we can provide guidance and recommendations to help you choose the right type of carpet for your facility and develop a maintenance plan to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Enabling your floors, fabrics, and finishes to live long and prosper.