The Fountain of Youth for Tiled Floors & Walls™

Restore your tile and grout with a one-time* deep restorative clean + impervious antimicrobial protective coating.

* Tile and grout restoration is available as a one-time makeover service or as part of a customized maintenance program.

before after terracotta tile and grout restoration

Completely revitalize worn-out looking tile & stained grout

dirty grout in an office restroom

Rejuvenate dirty grout lines and eliminate unpleasant odors

Grout graying - dirty mops transfer dirt up the wall and gray your vertical grout

Stop “grout graying” with protective coatings

tile and grout restoration photo

“Do our restroom next!” says all the staff on the other floors.

Extend your tile and grout’s lifespan and transform the look of high-traffic areas such as lobbies, restrooms, breakrooms, and dining areas.

Grout is inherently porous, and that’s the problem

Unsealed grout lines – especially in restrooms – harbor bacteria, pathogens, and odors

Tile floors are a staple in most commercial building lobbies, hallways, kitchens, locker rooms, and restrooms. Dirty grout lines make tile look worn; they are like a porous sponge if unsealed. Liquids can easily penetrate deep within grout lines and create a blotchy stain - altering the color of your grout.

Grout stains are not just a visual issue – dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria quickly build up, causing unpleasant odors and visuals. Mopping alone often doesn’t help significantly, particularly if the water isn’t changed often enough.

Mopping causes water, soil, and detergent to flow into low spots between your tiles, which absorb into your grout and create a bacterial-laden biofilm that is difficult to remove and harbors microscopic beasties.

Why makeover your tile & grout?

  • Make your tile & grout look new again and extend the life of this valuable asset.
  • Remove years of dirt, bacteria, mold & mildew build-up in your grout that harbors odors and looks terrible.
  • Restore the visual appeal of your tile & grout by deep cleaning and recoloring your grout lines for a consistent look throughout at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Add an antimicrobial impervious clear coating that will bond with your tile & grout to reduce odors, be easy to clean, and maintain a shine with green cleaners.
  • Add an anti-slip additive to your coating to make your beautiful shiny floor slip-resistant.
  • Free up your cleaning crew to focus on other areas of the building when you transform hard-to-clean tile & grout.

“Our tile and grout look brand new! We should be able to get another 15-20 years out of this floor. Multiply that by 50 restrooms; that’s a big saving!”

— Director of Facility Operations

stained restroom tile grout - gross

Dirty grout lines make tile look worn out

Unsealed grout lines can easily stain and harbor bacteria, pathogens, and odors, causing a technically clean floor to look unclean and smell no matter how hard the janitorial team tries.

deep scrub tile dirty water smaller

Deep scrub + acid wash floors & walls

Reverse the ravages of wear and tear on your tile by removing years of bacteria, pathogens, mold & mildew in your grout that harbors odors and makes your floors look terrible.

deep cleaned tile floor small

Restore the visual appeal of your tile

After deep cleaning the floor and letting it thoroughly dry, recolor your grout lines for a consistent and cohesive look throughout the space at a fraction of the replacement cost.

tile after deep clean and finish

Apply CareGuard Premium

Add an anti-microbial impervious clear coating over the tile and grout on the floors and walls to create a long-lasting protective barrier that is easy for the housekeeping to keep clean (high gloss or matte finish).

Don’t let stains and discolorations ruin your business’s reputation

Corporate Care Tile and Grout Restoration Systems

Brand-new like appearance without the disruption or replacement cost


+ Scrub & Acid Wash
+ Clear Grout Sealant

Silver Plus

+ Scrub & Acid Wash
+ Pigmented Grout Sealant


+ Scrub & Acid Wash
+ Pigmented Grout Sealant
+ CareGuard Plus Coating


+ Scrub & Acid Wash
+ Pigmented Grout Sealant
+ CareGuard Premium Coating

Duration and durability of sealant/coating1-3 Months*3-6 Months*12-36 Months*36-60 Months*
FinishHigh gloss or matteHigh gloss or matteHigh gloss, semi-gloss, or matteHigh gloss, semi-gloss, or matte
Turnaround timeDry time: 30 min-1 hr
Walkable when dry
Dry time: 30 min-1 hr
Walkable when dry
Dry time: 30 min-1 hr
Walkable when dry
Dry time: 4-8 hr
Walkable when dry
ProtectionMinimal grout protectionModerate grout protectionMaximum grout protection as it covalently bonds to the surfaceMaximum grout protection as it covalently bonds to the surface
Thickness of coatingN/A
Sealing grout only
Sealing grout only
16-24 Microns
Sealing tile & grout
10-15 Microns
Sealing tile & grout
Extended appearance warrantyXXXX
Removes soil, dirt, grime, finishes, sealer, and mineral depositsXXXX
Improves overall appearanceXXXX
Removes odors locked in the groutXXXX
Can use green cleaning chemistryXXXX
Recolor grout and seal in one stepXXX
Revitalize grout appearanceXXX
Seals grout to prevent common restroom odorsXXX
CareGuard Protective CoatingXX
Easy for your cleaning crew to maintain**X**X**
Improved stain protection and durabilityXX
TractionImproved slip coefficient
  • High Traction - received the highest mark available on the ANSI/NFSI B101.3 Slip Resistance Test.
  • Wet / Dry
Mitigates microbial growth like moldX
Max stain and chemical resistanceX
Non-sacrificial, anti-graffiti protectionX
Maximum anti-slip resistanceAnti-slip additive for locker rooms, showers, handicap ramps, walkways, commercial kitchens and more.
Best fit for these situations
  • Budget constraints
  • Budget constraints
  • When the grout lines cannot be restored to a consistent level
  • Avoid replacement costs and disruption
  • Need to completely revitalize worn-out looking tiled floor
  • Avoid replacement costs and disruption
  • Need to completely revitalize worn-out looking tiled floor
  • Long-term solution

* System performance timespan/durability depends on the wear and tear of the location and the level of care or neglect the surface receives.
** We will provide your cleaning crew with cleaning protocols and chemistry usage instructions to maximize the longevity of your floor’s new appearance.

Don’t replace. Revitalize!

Transform your tile and grout into a shining asset that will look fantastic for years.

corporate care guarantee

Not only will we make your tile & grout look great again… we will guarantee it too!

We are so confident in our restoration and maintenance services that we offer an appearance warranty on any surface we restore that also has a cadenced maintenance contract with Corporate Care.*

*A maintenance contract is not required for a Tile & Grout Makeover. However, it is required for the appearance warranty.

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Privately Held.
Organically Grown.

Why choose Corporate Care

With our deep restorative cleaning and a CareGuard protective coating, we can completely revitalize worn-out-looking hard flooring. So, if you are considering replacing your tile flooring, call us first to see if we can turn it back into a shining asset that is easy to clean and will look fantastic for years.

doctors and nurses walking on tile floors

Corporate Care offers a variety of service solutions to rejuvenate your tile & grout floors. From a one-time restoration to customized maintenance programs with built-in periodic deep restorative cleaning. We create floors that sparkle for years to come.

  • Tile restoration
  • Grout color consistency
  • No mandatory contracts
  • No business disruption
  • Long-lasting results
  • Odor elimination
  • Choose the gloss level
  • Easier to clean and keep clean

We have a CareGuard coating solution for every hard surface and every budget.

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Before you decide to replace your floors, give us a call to see if we can turn them back into fresh and clean assets.

We pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that your existing cleaning team can easily maintain.

restroom tile and grout before and after


What’s the difference between typical janitorial care and our specialty care?

Typical Janitorial Model

Janitorial crews do a great job but have limited time, staff, training, and budget to go beyond the basics.

Every hour, they need to:

  • Clean 5-8 thousand square feet
  • Empty trash
  • Damp-mop floors
  • Spot clean and dust
  • Vacuum primary hallways and occupied offices
  • Mop and restock restrooms

Our Deep Cleaning Model

Corporate Care is a team of surface care experts who are highly trained and understand the nuances of each flooring and surface type. In addition, we have a vast toolbox of cleaning techniques, chemistry, and equipment to augment and support your janitorial crew. Helping improve the appearance, performance, and longevity of every surface in your building.

We’re the Fountain of Youth for Floors, Fabrics, and Finishes™.

Our makeover services are available as a one-time service or within a customized maintenance program.

We’re better together.

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24/7 Facility Support Hotline

Nationwide support center staffed with resourceful facility coordinators 24/7 – (800) 728-8508

Did you know?

Restroom floors are a problem for many facilities because the look and smell of a building's restroom directly affect the company’s reputation.

Most restroom floors are being "cleaned" with the outdated and ineffective mop and bucket method. Most of the time, the mop bucket water is not replaced often enough. Rather than removing soils, this method spreads the dirt around, embedding it into the grout.

If you have tiled walls or baseboards, look at the color difference in your grout between your floor and the wall. You will likely see that the bottom 2-3” of your wall grout is the same color as the floor grout but suddenly looks clean farther up the wall. This discoloration is a symptom of poor cleaning protocols that “mop” dirty water into your wall grout as the cleaning crew hits the edges of the room.

Corporate Care can turn back time and undo years of damage by finally solving the problem. We have restored thousands of restroom floors and given new life to these troublesome areas.

Schedule a call to discuss our Tile & Grout Makeover service

If your grout looks stained, discolored, or run-down, you may think replacing the flooring is your only option. It's not.

Let’s discuss the results you want to see.

We’ve helped facility and property managers avoid millions of dollars in capital expenditures each year with our Tile & Grout Makeovers.