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Tile Restoration: Let’s Reduce Waste Together

The floors in the buildings you manage take a beating every day. Over time, all of this wear and tear takes its toll, leaving your floors looking dull and worn out.

When it's time for a change, you might think your only option is to rip it all up and install a new floor. But we know there's a better way!

Restoring floors is not only more eco-friendly, but it's also faster and more cost-effective. Not to mention you don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

There’s brand new, and then there’s good as new

You’d be surprised by the visual impact tile restoration that includes deep cleaning, recoloring your grout, and adding an antimicrobial protective coating can have on completely transforming a space. Restoring your tile floors can make them look as fresh as the day you moved in!

If you're fed up looking at worn-out tiles and discolored grout and getting complaints about how gross the restroom tile looks (and smells), here are the top 5 reasons to restore your tile & grout instead of replacing it.

  1. It’s eco-friendly
  2. It’s cheaper
  3. It’s faster and less disruptive
  4. It delivers the same great results as tile replacement
  5. It delivers a floor that is easier to maintain and faster to clean

1. It’s more environmentally friendly & sustainable.

Who doesn’t love hearing that their choices mutually benefit them and the planet, especially today in this economic and environmental climate?

Tile & grout restoration is the more sustainable option by creating less waste in more ways than one:

  • Less energy and resources: The restoration process uses far less energy and resources than replacing your floor. A lot of unnecessary energy and resources go into the replacement of an entire room of floor-to-ceiling natural stone, marble, or ceramic tile, harming our planet.
  • Target Zero Landfill: No tile, grout, cement or backer boards, or packaging to throw out after the job! Another reason to opt for restoration is that most tile materials can't decompose.
  • Maintain a long-lasting shine: stop using sealers that don’t last or the high labor and environmental cost of the waxing, buffing, and stripping cycle. Instead, our premium floor coating becomes a part of your floor’s surface, bonding to your tile to add a long-lasting, highly durable, protective, and antimicrobial layer that’s easy to maintain and reduces bacteria, mold, mildew, and discoloration build-up.

Tile & grout restoration is better for our planet and better for your company’s sustainability record!

2. It’s cheaper.

When you opt for a total replacement of your tiled floor, you need to consider the cost of all the new materials you need and the labor required to install them. And that’s all before paying someone to clean up and remove all the demo and installation mess after the job is complete.

Not to mention building materials have yet to escape the effects of the current cost of living crisis. There is a predicted increase of a further 4% in 2023 for the cost of materials and supplies, meaning you’re paying a higher price for potentially lower-quality tile.

Tile and grout cleaning and restoration typically cost a fraction of the price of completely replacing the flooring. You're giving each tile a makeover and rejuvenating your grout, so the costs are much lower than starting from scratch with new flooring.

Plus, when you restore your tiles and grout with us, our highly skilled team will leave your tile not only looking as fresh and good as new but also sanitized to a professional standard. With our premium floor coating –an impervious antimicrobial coating– you'll have a protected floor that will look great for years and is easier to clean.

3. It’s faster & less disruptive.

With tile and grout restoration, you don’t have to spend time searching for a contractor, picking out products, planning, and scheduling, only to wait weeks or longer for delivery, demo, installation, and cleanup to happen.

Restoration can happen overnight or over a weekend, all without daily operation disruption, sparing you the hassle of closing off areas for weeks and navigating using your space while floors and surfaces are removed, and new commercial tile is installed.

You also avoid all the noise and dust which affects your indoor quality caused by the demo and installation process, eliminating the inconvenience your employees and visitors would otherwise experience.

4. It delivers the same great results as tile replacement.

Modern techniques and materials make it possible to restore your tile floor to look better than ever. Deep restorative cleaning and grout treatment will have worn-out spaces looking good as new while expanding the lifespan and durability of each tile too!

For hard surfaces like tile, there's over a 99% chance that our restoration process can bring your floors back to life for a fraction of the cost and hassle of replacing them.

Take a look at our tile & grout restoration before and after photos here and see what our clients have to say about our services.

5. It delivers a floor that is easier to maintain & faster to clean.

After thoroughly cleaning and applying our CareGuard protective coating, your floors will become a breeze to clean and keep clean. The grout will no longer be porous and discolored, harboring bacteria, mold, mildew, and pathogens. Your team will be able to clean the floors in less time and use eco-friendly green cleaning chemistry and a simple microfiber mop. Not only will this restoration significantly improve the appearance and eliminate the use of harsh cleaning supplies, but you will also be saving on labor, allowing you to reduce headcount or add new tasks to their schedules.

Request a demo, and our IICRC®-certified CareTeam can evaluate your tile & grout and advise you on the efficacy of restoration vs. replacement in your specific situation. We want to help you make the right choice for your business while saving you time and money while reducing waste across the board.

So next time you consider new floor tile, remember: Restore, don’t replace!

To save yourself time, money, and stress, go with renovation over replacement when it comes to your floors!

Restoring existing flooring is a much more efficient option – you avoid any construction mess or debris removal, all while trimming down the wait time for new materials to be installed.

Whether you've lobby, hallways, or restroom tile that has seen better days, we can help you achieve astonishing results at a fair price. Get in touch today to discuss your options for transforming your tiled floor and walls with our tile & grout restoration service.


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