Office chair with sign that says "Stop stealing my chair. I don't want your dirty chair."

Put an End to the Office Chair Shuffle

The Office Chair Swap: A Common Grievance

Who hasn't been a victim of the infamous office chair switch? Many of us can relate to the exasperation that follows the familiar outcry, “Hey, this isn't my chair; this one is filthy!”. Accidents and spills are inevitable in a bustling workspace, leading to wear, tear, and staining of office furniture.

The Impact of Dirty Furniture on Office Morale

A soiled office or guest chair isn't just an eyesore—it's a direct hit to office morale. The embarrassment of dirty furniture can dampen spirits, hinder productivity, and negatively affect the perception of your business.

Even more, it's crucial to acknowledge the discomfort employees may feel when their chair is the source of the stain. Dirty office furniture can easily become an unwelcome source of embarrassment, leading to an after-hours chair shuffle as individuals attempt to replace their stained chair with a cleaner one.

Implementing a straightforward process for employees to submit their chairs for deep cleaning is highly recommended to address this issue. Such a system would not only alleviate the potential embarrassment for the individual but also ensure that all office chairs are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness. This proactive approach contributes to a more comfortable and morale-boosting workspace for everyone.

How Corporate Care Can Help

At Corporate Care, we're dedicated to reversing this trend and rejuvenating your workspace. As surface care specialists, we've perfected the art of deep cleaning office furniture, textiles, and fabric wall panels. We eliminate stains, dirt, and grime, restoring your office assets to their original glory.

Our Straightforward Process

Our process is seamless and straightforward. We conduct a thorough walk-through to assess the condition of your furniture, textiles, and fabric wall panels. We then provide recommendations to restore these valuable assets as a one-time service or as part of a comprehensive ongoing maintenance program. Our team ensures everything is clean, dry, and ready for use the following day.

Step 1: Fabric Condition Assessment

Our process begins with thoroughly evaluating the fabric's condition, allowing us to identify specific needs and formulate an appropriate cleaning plan.

Step 2: Targeted Stain Removal

In the next step, we use specialized stain removers tailored to each type of stain, ensuring effective stain elimination without causing harm to the fabric.

Step 3: Premium Deep Cleaning Procedure

We then deep clean the fabric, using only top-tier cleaning solutions to guarantee thorough cleanliness without compromising the material's integrity.

Step 4: Deodorizing Process

Following the shampooing, we undertake a deodorizing procedure to refresh the fabric and leave it smelling fresh and clean.

High-Power Vacuuming and Expedited Drying Time

Our cleaning equipment features an integrated steam-extraction function, allowing us to optimize the vacuum power and significantly reduce the drying time of upholstered furniture and surfaces, including office cubicles ensuring a quick turnaround and minimizing any disruption to your office routine.

Pitfalls of an Absent Furniture Cleaning Regime

A common pitfall for many facilities is the lack of a dedicated furniture cleaning program which often results in a nightly game of ‘musical chairs,' leaving unsuspecting employees disgruntled with an unceremonious exchange of their clean chair for a stained one.

The Power of a Furniture Cleaning Program

Implementing a furniture cleaning program eliminates these issues and demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a clean, supportive work environment. Your staff feels valued, your office furniture and fabric panels get the attention they deserve, and their lifespan is significantly extended.

The Benefits: A Win-Win Situation

You save money on frequent replacements and contribute to sustainability by reducing landfill waste. It's truly a win-win situation for all.

Ready to Stop the Office Chair Shuffle?

Are you ready to stop the chair shuffle in its tracks and transform your workspace? We're here to discuss your restoration needs and budgeting options and schedule a walk-through to assess the situation. If you're ready to invest in a cleaner, more productive workspace, contact us to book a meeting, and let's make dirty office furniture a thing of the past!

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About Corporate Care – A sustainability company

Corporate Care exists to improve the appearance, performance, and longevity of every surface in the commercial buildings you manage – reducing capital expenditures, stress, and management burden on facility managers from coast to coast.

As true surface care experts, we understand the unique properties and cleaning protocols every surface needs (or doesn’t) to look amazing and comply with manufacturer warranties. We’re here to support your existing janitorial crew with cadenced deep restorative cleaning and tailored maintenance protocols – performed by IICRC®-certified cleaning technicians.

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