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Be ready for anything: build an emergency continuity plan

photo of a flooded street. Flood and leak remediation for commercial buildings.

IICRC®-certified technicians helping facility managers develop proactive emergency preparedness strategies.

Are you unsure if you’re prepared for a water, fire, or infection emergency?

When did you last assess your emergency protocols for water damage, smoke and fire damage, or infectious diseases? If you’re not fully prepared for an emergency and armed with ready-to-go equipment and cleaning/ restoration protocols, you risk more damage, repair costs, and health and safety hazards.

Gain peace of mind with an emergency protocol review

Our surface care and emergency remediation experts provide the specialist guidance you need to get ready for and help prevent any crisis with a thorough assessment of your commercial building, surfaces, and emergency preparedness protocols.

We can also develop custom training programs to support your janitorial crew and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need for any eventuality. Through empowering education, we can help them understand the appropriate response for a wide array of emergencies, helping you maximize efficiency and cleaning effectiveness.

Emergency Services

Get help reviewing and updating your emergency preparedness plans

We’re here to help you with your proactive defense plan.

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Frequently asked questions

Our professional cleaning consultations typically last between one and two hours, but they take longer depending on the complexity of your needs and the size of your commercial building.

Our IICRC®-certified technician will assess every surface type in your building or a specific zone you’d like us to pay attention to and help you understand what could happen (fires, smoke, water damage, etc.) and how to react. Following our assessment, we’ll augment your emergency protocols and train your janitorial crew (if needed.)

If you're not confident your existing cleaning crew has comprehensive emergency preparedness plans in place, we recommend booking a consultation to ensure they have everything in place for any situation.

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