CARPET REstoration service

Revitalize your worn-out looking carpet

Get a one-time* deep carpet restoration cleaning to deliver a great first impression without the expense and hassle of replacing your carpet.

* Available as a one-time makeover service or as part of a customized maintenance program.

co-workers walking and talking

Get your carpeted floors looking their best
with our Carpet Restoration Service.

carpet stain

Remove Stubborn
Spots & Stains

microscope image of dirty carpet

Remove Excess Cleaning Residue That Attracts Dirt

Commercial Carpet Refresh

Reverse the Ravages
of Wear & Tear

Don’t replace. Revitalize!

Poorly maintained carpets get replaced 2-3x more often than those maintained appropriately.

Carpet is one of the largest interior investments

It’s also one of the most abused.

A big misconception about carpeting is that vacuuming is all that is needed to keep it looking great.

Vacuuming can remove surface-level dust and dirt, but it can not remove dirt, oils, air pollutants, allergens, and toxins embedded deep within the carpet's fibers, nor can it remove spots or stains.

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Excess dirt acts like sandpaper on rug fibers, which leads to accelerated wear. And the build-up of residual cleaning solutions from inadequate cleaning methods stays in the carpet fibers and attracts even more dirt.

Our Carpet Restoration Service is the solution. Keep your carpet looking amazing as long as possible, way beyond expectations.

Carpets that are not maintained properly age quickly and get replaced 2-3x more often than those that get cleaned properly and regularly by deep cleaning experts.

Reasons to refresh your carpet

  • Big event coming up and your floors need to look their best
  • Overall worn look or excessive wear patterns
  • Spot, stains, and discolored areas
  • Remove adhesive residue from floor stickers
  • Water remediation from a flood or leak
  • Improve visual appeal and occupant satisfaction
  • Put off replacement costs for a few years while retaining visual appeal
  • Need preventative maintenance in compliance with manufacturer warranties
  • Post-construction or warranty claims

Before you decide to replace your floors, give us a call to see if we can restore them and keep them out of the landfill.

We pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that your existing cleaning team can easily maintain.

Replacing your carpet may seem like your only option.  It is not – call us!

team member cleaning carpet

Your carpet may look clean... but is it really?

Soil and wastewater from “clean” looking carpet

Dry Soils From Upright Beater Bar Dual Motor Vacuum

Dry soils from upright beater brush dual motor vacuum - removed from the carpet.

Dry Soils From Encapsulation Collection Bar

Dry soils on the encapsulation collection bar after carpet maintenance.

Wastewater (pulled from the carpet) from the wet extraction process

Wastewater from the wet extraction process of carpet that looked clean but was not.

Legendary customer service, with outstanding results

Our IICRC®-certified carpet cleaning technicians help you create a cleaner, healthier corporate environment that shows your employees you care and gives a fantastic first impression to visitors with custom cleaning programs that will:

  • Double or even triple your carpet’s lifespan
  • Restore your carpet to its former glory
  • Help you keep your warranties valid
  • Improve air quality & employee satisfaction
  • Prevent rapid re-soiling & premature aging
  • Improve the results of nightly vacuuming
  • No maintenance contract required
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Privately Held.
Organically Grown.


What’s the difference between typical janitorial care and our specialty care?

Typical Janitorial Model

Janitorial crews do a great job but have limited time, staff, training, and budget to go beyond the basics.

Every hour, they need to:

  • Clean 5-8 thousand square feet
  • Empty trash
  • Damp-mop floors
  • Spot clean and dust
  • Vacuum primary hallways and occupied offices
  • Mop and restock restrooms

Our Deep Cleaning Model

Corporate Care is a team of surface care experts who are highly trained and understand the nuances of each flooring and surface type. In addition, we have a vast toolbox of cleaning techniques, chemistry, and equipment to augment and support your janitorial crew. Helping improve the appearance, performance, and longevity of every surface in your building.

We’re the Fountain of Youth for Floors, Fabrics, and Finishes™.

Our makeover services are available as a one-time service or within a customized maintenance program.

We’re better together.

Refresh your carpet. Protect your brand image.
Be kind to the environment.

Mission Critical Beliefs

Our business exists to improve the appearance, performance, and longevity of every surface in the commercial buildings you manage. Reducing capital expenditures, stress, and management burden on facility and property managers from coast to coast by being an indispensable resource and trusted advisor.

  • Care: listen, learn, deliver

    Because results are everything
  • Extend the life

    Improve the longevity of every surface in the building; floors, fabrics, and finishes
  • Protective performance coatings

    Apply where appropriate to improve the appearance and performance of each surface and reduce labor costs
  • Green cleaning chemistry

    Use sustainable green chemistry and techniques to reduce environmental impact and improve occupant safety
  • Restore + Revitalize

    End premature and often unnecessary asset replacements and additions to already overloaded landfills
  • Protect the customer’s investments

    By adhering to manufacture warranty requirements
  • Be an extra set of eyes

    See something, say something – help find and solve unexpected problems for busy facility teams
  • The honeymoon never ends

    No bait and switch here. Deliver the same quality of service and results on day 1,000 as day 1

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corporate care guarantee

Not only will we make your carpet look great again… we will guarantee it too!

We are so confident in our restoration and maintenance services that we offer an appearance warranty on any surface we restore that also has a cadenced maintenance contract with Corporate Care.*

*A maintenance contract is not required for the Carpet Restoration Service. However, it is required for the appearance warranty.

Are you ready to give your carpet the attention it needs?

If your carpets look stained, discolored, or run-down, you may think replacing the carpet is your only option. It's not.

Let’s discuss the results you want to see.

We’ve helped facility and property managers avoid millions of dollars in capital expenditures each year with our Carpet Restoration Services.