Periodic DEEP cleaning is the secret to long-lasting resilient flooring

resilient wood tile office hallway - Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Enable your resilient flooring to live long and prosper with expert cleaning and maintenance services.

Resilient: The ability to recover from or adjust easily after bending, stretching, or being compressed

Resilient floors are polymer floors engineered for comfort, flexibility, and design and go by many names, including vinyl composition tile (VCT), luxury vinyl tile (LVT), rubber floors, linoleum, and cork. Resilient flooring is extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, and that’s why this category is referred to as “resilient.” It’s also easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect, which helps to maintain a healthy atmosphere for your employees, guests, patients, and anyone else entering the premises.

Vinyl flooring is a top choice for high-traffic areas in commercial and institutional projects because of its easy maintenance, durability, low cost, and variety of appearances.

Vinyl flooring can last in a high-traffic environment for up to 20 years, but only if maintained with care and longevity in mind.

before rubber floor restoration

Worn-out-looking rubber flooring.

after rubber floor restoration - Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Restored and revitalized rubber flooring.

The resilient flooring cleaning and maintenance experts

Resilient vinyl flooring is durable and affordable – yet still requires professional maintenance. In addition to your existing crew's day-to-day cleaning, routine maintenance is necessary to remove scuffs and scratches and revitalize the desired finish.

Corporate Care creates a customized CarePlan to preserve these surfaces, ensuring every square inch of your flooring receives the right amount of service. We can also work with your current cleaning staff to ensure they clean your vinyl flooring correctly.

  • Extend your flooring life expectancy
  • Defer flooring replacement costs
  • Boost productivity and allow redeployment to other cleaning tasks with easier-to-clean floors
  • Give your visitors a great first impression
Resilient vinyl flooring before and after restoration photo
Resilient vinyl flooring before and after restoration photo

Breathe new life into your floors with our Resilient Renewal Service. What appears to be irreversible may just need a deep scrub and a protective coating to look brand new again.

Bring your resilient flooring back to its original beauty

One of the top reasons why people opt to replace vinyl flooring is because the flooring is scuffed, scratched, or looks dirty, no matter how much it has been cleaned. Before you replace your flooring, turn to us.

We offer restoration services for every resilient flooring type imaginable, from bio-based tiles and luxury vinyl tiles to cork and rubber. With our targeted deep cleaning and restoration support, you can save thousands on a full flooring replacement or repair.

Our team offers resilient vinyl flooring restoration. During this service, we can strip the existing coating and apply our CareGuard Resilient coating, helping to improve the shine and restore your vinyl floors to their original appearance.

If you are not ready for a customized maintenance CarePlan, but still need to restore your resilient flooring, no worries. You can schedule a Resilient Renewal Makeover Service as a one-time service. We are here to help you maintain a clean and healthy workspace as part of a program or as a one-time service.

office with resilient flooring - Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Sealing and protecting resilient floors

While resilient flooring is exceptionally durable by nature, coatings need to be applied to achieve a genuinely resilient status. Protective coatings will seal the floor, making it resistant to stains and scratches, but it also fills in the cracks between tiles, eliminating refuge for bacteria and other microbes.

Depending on the type of resilient floor, traffic patterns, need for a long-term solution, or budget constraints, we have a coating solution for every situation.


Did You Know?

Vinyl takes 1,000 years to decompose!

Resilient flooring is a non-biodegradable material - let’s keep it out of the landfill!

Privately Held.
Organically Grown.

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We’re your secret to beautiful long-lasting floors, fabrics, and finishes.

A Customized Care Plan for Resilient Floors

As surface care experts, we understand the nuances of each flooring type, what it needs, what it doesn’t, and how to keep it looking amazing (all while maintaining the manufacturer warranty). That’s why we tailor our deep cleaning and maintenance programs to your building’s unique needs and budget.

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Book an assessment, and our experts will visit your facility to evaluate your deep cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs.

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Once we assess all your resilient surfaces, we provide tailored recommendations for your building(s).

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Customized Program

We implement a cadenced program to restore, maintain and extend the life and beauty of your resilient flooring.

Our deep restorative cleaning + protective coating system is available as part of your preventative care plan and as a one-time service.

Why Corporate Care collage

High quality. Fair price. Legendary service.

Specialty surface care is about augmenting and supporting your current cleaning protocols. As deep cleaning specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that are easy to maintain.

  • Flexible programs to meet the changing needs of your facility
  • Highly-trained, tenured technicians ensure quality & consistency
  • Extensive one-time service menu to help solve unexpected problems
  • Proactive communication with transparent reporting
  • Green cleaning chemistry & techniques reduce environmental impact
  • Fully integrated and dedicated HSE manager on staff
  • IICRC®-certified technicians with IICRC® instructor on staff
  • Full support and supplemental training are available for your existing cleaning crew to ensure consistency
  • Warranty adherence to protect your investment

Corporate Care has the highest staff retention rates of any specialty surface care company in the US. Our Care Team averages 12+ years with the company!

We show up on time. Keep our promises. No Excuses.

Strengthen your commitment to being a good steward of the environment

Corporate Care is always looking for ways to increase efficiency in time and energy usage in our restorative cleaning protocols and use innovative protective coatings that reduce wastewater, reduce or eliminate harsh chemicals, reduce maintenance frequency and save energy. We've found ways to successfully reduce chemical and water use by 40% when the right products and processes are implemented.

One study found that revitalizing resilient floor surfaces can offer up to a 92% reduction in a facility’s carbon footprint compared to floor replacement, including a 95% savings in energy resources measured by transportation, electricity use, consumables, and materials. Let us help you restore your flooring instead of replacing it.

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Resilient flooring is indeed resilient, but it’s not immortal.

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Frequently Asked Resilient Vinyl Floor Cleaning Questions

While vinyl flooring is highly durable and easy to maintain, it is prone to scratches and scuffs if you don’t take proper precautions. Make sure to add felt pads or vinyl coaters underneath the heavy furniture to prevent dents and scratches. Be careful when moving furniture - try not to drag it across the floor but lift it instead.

Resilient flooring is any material that returns to its original shape whenever you bend, stretch, or compress it. In general, cork, vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles, rubber, bio-based tiles, and linoleum would be considered resilient tiles - as they are durable and elastic.

It depends on the type of coating used, the wear and tear of the location, and the level of care or neglect the surface receives. Some coatings require ongoing maintenance to the finish, like acrylic coatings. Our CareGuard Plus coating will last 3-12 months, and CareGuard Premium will last 12-36 months, both depending on the level of care or neglect.

Moisture is the number one enemy of vinyl floors. Never let spills sit long, and wipe all moisture off entirely with a smooth, non-abrasive wipe, like a dry microfiber towel. The best way to avoid damaging the lamination and the vinyl's adhesive is to care for it properly and apply an appropriate coating to add durability and the desired shine level.

Some of the signs that you need some deep cleaning and maintenance of your commercial vinyl flooring include:

  • Dull looking floors
  • Worn off areas of acrylic wax coating
  • Scuffs, scrapes, or scratches
  • Lifting or peeling vinyl flooring

Properly caring for, cleaning, and maintaining resilient vinyl flooring has many benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • Restoring the flooring to its original beauty
  • Extending the life of the flooring
  • Reducing your business's carbon footprint by restoring and not replacing your vinyl floor.

Janitorial services are great for cleaning your vinyl flooring day-to-day. However, vinyl flooring needs more than routine cleaning to keep it looking its best and ensure it lasts as long as possible. Corporate Care can help to provide deep cleaning and performance coating services that an existing cleaning crew does not. We can also evaluate protocols and train your existing cleaning staff to properly clean and care for all your flooring surfaces, including resilient vinyl flooring.

No, avoid using a high-speed burnisher because it will penetrate the wear-layer into the film of your flooring, destroying it. High-speed buffing can cause delamination, which occurs when the layers begin to separate. Instead, buff at a slow speed to bring out the shine.

Enabling your floors, fabrics, and finishes to live long and prosper.