The Fountain of Youth for Floors and Fabrics™

Our Makeover Services are available as a one-time service or bundled with a maintenance program. We’re flexible like that.

As a sustainability company, we believe you should restore vs. replace whenever possible.

The flooring and furniture in your building are designed to withstand a large amount of wear and tear due to the commercial setting. But these surfaces are not invincible; they occasionally need help to live their best life.

Here are our five most popular deep cleaning restoration makeover services for carpet, tile & grout, concrete, resilient flooring, furniture, and fabric panels.

Before you decide to replace your commercial floors or hard surfaces, why not call our restoration specialists to see if we can turn them back into clean, shining assets?

Get a deep restorative carpet cleaning to remove stains and gunk trapped in the fibers that make your carpet look worn out. Extend the life of your carpet.

Got gross grout? We can make your floors look good as new with our deep clean and acid wash, recolor grout, and top it off with an antimicrobial protective coating.

Breathe new life into your exposed concrete floors and prevent spotty discoloration and premature aging with our concrete restoration service.

Get a deep restorative clean and surface treatment to improve your resilient floors' appearance, longevity, and performance.

Reverse the ravages of wear and the cost and hassle of replacement.

Schedule a makeover as a one-time service, or bundle it with a custom maintenance program. The choice is yours. We are here to help you maintain a clean and healthy workspace within your budget.

Act sustainably – Don’t replace. Revitalize!