Resilient floor restoration

Keep your vinyl floors looking great for longer with our Resilient Renewal Service - a deep, restorative clean + a protective coating.

Available as a one-time makeover service or as part of a customized maintenance program.

Resilient vinyl flooring before and after restoration photo

Bring back the brilliance of your resilient floors

Deep scrub resilent flooring

Maintain a beautiful, healthy building with a deep scrub

dirty and dull resilient floor

Remove scuffs, scratches, grime, and grease

application of coating to sheet vinyl floor

Get the sheen you want with a protective sealant

The fountain of Youth for Resilient Floors™.

Resilient floors are durable and affordable – yet still require professional maintenance to look their best.

Resilient flooring is indeed resilient, but it’s not immortal

office with resilient flooring - Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable, easy to sanitize, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. It’s resilient to a lot of wear and tear but requires occasional deep cleaning to remain beautiful.

Over time, resilient floors can lose their luster due to acrylic wax wearing off, too many layers of wax, insufficient oil replenishment, or improper cleaning methods.

Without the proper cleaning protocols and maintenance, resilient floors are more prone to scuffs, marks, and damage - creating an eyesore for your commercial customers and employees.

Vinyl flooring can last in a high-traffic environment for up to 20 years, but only if maintained with care and longevity in mind.

Why restore your resilient floors?

  • Make your resilient flooring look new again and extend the life of this valuable asset.
  • No maintenance contract required
    Improve appearance with a deep scrub, clean, and buff at a fraction of the replacement cost.
  • Strip the acrylic wax surface and apply a more durable and easy-to-maintain coating.
  • A deep clean textured luxury vinyl tile (LVT), gets into the hard-to-reach grooves.
  • Add an antimicrobial impervious clear coating that seals the gaps making the floor easier to sanitize.
  • Apply a CareGuard counting that only needs neutral green cleaners and a microfiber cloth, freeing up your existing cleaning crew to focus on other areas of the building.

Hard Flooring Protective Coatings & Treatments

Don’t replace. Revitalize!

Acrylic Wax*

+ Strip finishes & soils
+ Apply 4-5 coats

CareGuard Plus

+ Strip finishes & soils
+ Apply 1-3 coats

CareGuard Premium

+ Strip finishes & soils
+ Apply 1 coat
These coatings are best used on these surfaces:Terrazzo
Tile & Grout
Tile & Grout
DurabilityRequires ongoing maintenance3-12 Months**12-36 Months**
FinishHigh gloss or matteHigh gloss or matteHigh gloss or matte
Turnaround timeDry time: 30 min-1 hr
Walkable right away
Dry time: 30 min-1 hr
Walkable when dry
Dry time: 4 hr
Walkable when dry
Maintenance & required upkeep to maintain appearance.High level of maintenance needed:
Frequent burnishing, scrubbing, and chemical stripping is required.

FYI: Slips and falls happen most often during the stripping process
Moderate maintenance needed:
Periodic scrub & re-coat.

(no stripping required beyond the first restoration to remove prior finish)
Minimal maintenance needed:
Neutral cleaner with a microfiber or auto scrubber.

(no stripping required beyond the first restoration to remove prior finish)
Level of ProtectionMinimal chemical and abrasion resistantModerate chemical and abrasion resistantMaximum chemical and abrasion-resistant
Covalently bonds to the surface
Best fit for these situations
  • Budget constraints
  • Budget constraints
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Long-term solution
  • Need to avoid replacement costs and disruption
  • Need to completely revitalize worn-out looking floor
  • Want to lower labor costs

* Existing cleaning crew will often put an acrylic finish on all surfaces. We do not agree that wax is a one-size-fits-all solution, there are better options available.
** System performance timespan/durability depends on the wear and tear of the location and the level of care or neglect the surface receives.

corporate care guarantee

Not only will we make your resilient vinyl floor look great again… we will guarantee it too!

We are so confident in our restoration and maintenance services that we offer an appearance warranty on any surface we restore that also has a cadenced maintenance contract with Corporate Care.*

*A maintenance contract is not required for the Resilient Renewal service. However, it is required for the appearance warranty.

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Privately Held.
Organically Grown.

Mission Critical Beliefs

Our business exists to improve the appearance, performance, and longevity of every surface in the commercial buildings you manage. Reducing capital expenditures, stress, and management burden on facility and property managers from coast to coast by being an indispensable resource and trusted advisor.

  • Care: listen, learn, deliver

    Because results are everything
  • Extend the life

    Improve the longevity of every surface in the building; floors, fabrics, and finishes
  • Protective performance coatings

    Apply where appropriate to improve the appearance and performance of each surface and reduce labor costs
  • Green cleaning chemistry

    Use sustainable green chemistry and techniques to reduce environmental impact and improve occupant safety
  • Restore + Revitalize

    End premature and often unnecessary asset replacements and additions to already overloaded landfills
  • Protect the customer’s investments

    By adhering to manufacture warranty requirements
  • Be an extra set of eyes

    See something, say something – help find and solve unexpected problems for busy facility teams
  • The honeymoon never ends

    No bait and switch here. Deliver the same quality of service and results on day 1,000 as day 1

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We want to save you time and money with efficient surface care solutions

Renew your resilient flooring

Vinyl flooring takes over 1,000 years to decompose.
Try our renewal service before replacing it.

rubber floort before and after
Breathe new life into your floors with our Resilient Renewal Service. What appears to be irreversible may just need a deep scrub and a protective coating to look brand new again.

Before you decide to replace your resilient floors, give us a call to see if we can turn them back into fresh and clean assets once again.

We pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that your existing cleaning team can easily maintain.

break room with resilient flooring and carpet

Legendary customer service with outstanding results

As IICRC®-trained surface care experts, we understand what each surface needs, what it doesn’t, and how to keep your resilient floors looking fabulous for as long as possible.

Make a fantastic first impression with our Resilient Renewal Program that will:

  • Restore your floor to its former glory
  • Extend your flooring’s lifespan
  • Prevent re-soiling & premature aging
  • Create a cleaner, healthier corporate environment that shows your employees you care
  • No maintenance contract required


What’s the difference between typical janitorial care and our specialty care?

Typical Janitorial Model

Janitorial crews do a great job but have limited time, staff, training, and budget to go beyond the basics.

Every hour, they need to:

  • Clean 5-8 thousand square feet
  • Empty trash
  • Damp-mop floors
  • Spot clean and dust
  • Vacuum primary hallways and occupied offices
  • Mop and restock restrooms

Our Deep Cleaning Model

Corporate Care is a team of surface care experts who are highly trained and understand the nuances of each flooring and surface type. In addition, we have a vast toolbox of cleaning techniques, chemistry, and equipment to augment and support your janitorial crew. Helping improve the appearance, performance, and longevity of every surface in your building.

We’re the Fountain of Youth for Floors, Fabrics, and Finishes™.

Our makeover services are available as a one-time service or within a customized maintenance program.

We’re better together.

Want to restore your resilient flooring back to its original condition?

At Corporate Care, we provide beautiful, functional, and safe flooring restoration, cleaning, and maintenance services across the US and Canada. We have a solution for every surface and budget.

Let’s discuss the results you want to see.

We’ve helped facility and property managers avoid millions of dollars in capital expenditures each year with our Resilient Renewal Service.