Bring brilliance back to your terrazzo floors

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Terrazzo flooring is considered a forever floor – one of the oldest recorded is over 500 years old.

Has your terrazzo flooring lost its luster?

Terrazzo flooring, including both epoxy and cementitious terrazzo flooring, can be beautiful, classic, and timeless. However, it needs to be cleaned, maintained, restored, and sealed as the floor ages. Surface scratches, chips, and cracks can decrease its lifespan, remove its original luster, and create a dulled-down appearance.

This is where Corporate Care, a national flooring care specialist, comes in. We can help you restore, maintain, and care for your terrazzo flooring to ensure it looks its best for decades to come.

Specialized terrazzo cleaning, restoration, and maintenance to protect your beautiful forever floor

While janitorial services may ensure the floors are swept and mopped, we ensure they are not only clean but also properly maintained. Our IICRC®-certified technicians deeply understand the complexities of cementitious and epoxy terrazzo flooring – what it needs and what it doesn't – to stay shiny and beautiful for a lifetime.
Think of us as your secret to long-lasting terrazzo floors, protecting them from degradation, stains, and damage. With our expert deep clean, scrub, and degreasing methods, you'll never worry about dull flooring taking away your brand's sparkle again!

Let our experts design a proactive care plan that fits your needs and budget. All maintenance plans come with an appearance warranty.

  • Repair surface scratches, chips, and cracks
  • Restore your terrazzo's original gloss
  • Extend the lifespan of your terrazzo
  • Give your guests an excellent first impression
  • Eliminate the need for acrylic wax and frequent burnishing to maintain the shine
  • Enhance the color and depth of terrazzo designs

You should never use acids and cleaning products that contain carbonates, trisodium, or phosphate on terrazzo.

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after terrazzo floor restoration

Revitalize the shine and sparkle of your terrazzo flooring

If your terrazzo lacks the luster it once had, our restoration specialists can bring it back to life with expert terrazzo cleaning, restoration with protective coatings, and a maintenance program. We'll strip the surface, buff out marks with diamond honing (cementitious only), and apply a durable coating to protect the surface and help prevent spills from becoming stains.

Using our CareGuard coatings, we help you bring back your terrazzo's shine without the environmental footprint or high maintenance requirements of acrylic wax. Whether you choose a basic or premium coating, our methods help you maintain your terrazzo floors' natural beauty, color, and clarity while reducing long-term maintenance costs.

You should never use steel wool on terrazzo - it can rust and stain the surface.


Privately Held.
Organically Grown.

We’re your secret to beautiful long-lasting floors, fabrics, and finishes.

Customized Preventative Care Plan

As surface care experts, we understand the nuances of cementitious and epoxy terrazzo cleaning. We know what terrazzo needs, what it doesn’t, and how to keep it looking amazing. We tailor our deep cleaning and maintenance programs to your unique needs.

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Book a floor condition assessment meeting with our experts to evaluate your surfaces.

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We assess the condition of your terrazzo or epoxy terrazzo and provide tailored recommendations.

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Customized Program

We implement a cadenced program to restore, maintain and extend the life of your terrazzo floor.

Our deep restorative cleaning + protective coating system is available as a preventative care plan and as a one-time service.

High quality. Fair price. Legendary service.

Specialty surface care is about augmenting and supporting your current cleaning protocols. As deep cleaning specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering stunning results with sustainable solutions that are easy to maintain.

  • Flexible programs to meet the changing needs of your facility
  • Highly-trained, tenured technicians ensure quality & consistency
  • Extensive one-time service menu to help solve unexpected problems
  • Proactive communication with transparent reporting
  • Green cleaning chemistry & techniques reduce environmental impact
  • Fully integrated and dedicated HSE manager on staff
  • IICRC®-certified technicians with IICRC® instructor on staff
  • Full support and supplemental training are available for your existing cleaning crew to ensure consistency
  • Warranty adherence to protect your investment

Corporate Care has the highest staff retention rates of any specialty surface care company in the US. Our Care Team averages 12+ years with the company!

Why Corporate Care collage

Strengthen your commitment to corporate wellness

Corporate Care knows that national companies need to lead the way regarding environmental impacts and sustainability. Our team is always looking for ways to increase efficiency in time and energy usage.

We use innovative protective coatings that reduce wastewater, reduce or eliminate harsh chemicals, reduce maintenance frequency and save energy. If your company wants to reduce its carbon footprint, it must use a cleaning team committed to the environment and sustainability.

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Don’t let neglect or incorrect cleaning methods destroy the luster of your terrazzo floor.

Let’s discuss the results you want to see.

Frequently Asked Terrazzo Flooring Questions

Terrazzo is a composite material composed of granite, marble, glass, or quartz particles and a binding component of either epoxy or mortar. A popular choice for its durability and elegance, terrazzo is commonly used in commercial properties. Originally created in Venice, some European terrazzo floors have been around for over 500 years!

You must use cleaning products that don't contain any acids, alkalies, or other potent ingredients that can damage your terrazzo floors' sensitive natural stone compounds. It's best to use a neutral cleaner specially formulated for terrazzo floors.

Over the years, your terrazzo may lose its shine. But you can bring a high gloss or natural sheen back to life with expert deep cleaning, scrubbing, buffing, and sealing methods.

We prefer to use premium protective coatings that provide a high gloss finish that covalently bonds with the surface and can last 36-60 months between applications.

Janitorial teams often use acrylic wax to create a shine due to its ease of use. However, if you look at the big picture, it takes a lot to maintain the shine via frequent burnishings, it needs caustic chemicals to strip, and that process produces gallons and gallons of sludge waste. Acrylic wax does not have an eco-friendly footprint.

Enabling your floors, fabrics, and finishes to live long and prosper.