Complete restroom tile and grout floor restoration for a prominent oil and gas firm - before and after image

Restroom Tile and Grout Restoration Case Study

Complete restroom tile and grout restoration for a prominent oil & gas firm

During the remodeling stage of a building built in the 80s, the Corporate Care team was brought in as a trusted partner to determine if the restroom flooring could be restored. With the rest of the building showcasing a professional appearance, the restrooms stood out for all the wrong reasons. With cost-saving measures a priority, a preference for restoration rather than replacement was an option the client wanted to explore.

Oil and gas firm's restroom before the restoration with Corporate Care

The facility team tried everything in their power to improve the appearance of the restroom tile and grout. But unfortunately, the porous grout had become so soiled that the damage appeared irreversible.

The situation: embarrassing restroom tile & grout

As most facility managers know, the part of the building that visibly shows the most wear and tear is the restrooms. As buildings age, sealants wear out, and the porous grout can become so soiled that the damage appears irreversible. 

Even though the grout had been previously sealed, due to age or harsh cleaning chemical usage, that sealant no longer protected the grout, causing liquids to penetrate deep within the grout and creating unsightly stains. In addition, dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria quickly build up, causing unpleasant odors, posing health risks, and potentially harming your brand’s image. 

The bottom line: Employee satisfaction was at an all-time low – the restroom flooring looked gross, and it wasn’t due to the lack of housekeeping effort. Everyone was frustrated.  

“If your building has gross tile & grout, don’t think twice; call Corporate Care. I promise you won’t regret it. I’m amazed at what they were able to accomplish. The tile & grout look brand new.” — Director of Facility Operations

The problem: soiled grout damage that appears irreversible

In the case of our client, mopping and scrubbing alone wasn’t enough to improve the appearance or cleanliness of the floors. The restroom tiles looked tired and worn out. The janitorial team tried everything they could think of, but no amount of time or effort from them improved the floor’s appearance. They even called in their floor technician team but to no avail. The tile and grout stubbornly remained the same; tired and worn-out looking. 

The Director of Facility Operations wasn’t ready to give up just yet! He reached out to his network for a referral of someone who could solve difficult tile and grout problems and help them avoid a complete floor replacement.

Oil and gas firm's restroom during the deep scrub portion of the restoration with Corporate Care

Deep scrub and acid wash the tile and grout to remove years of built-up gunk and grime.

Oil and gas firm's restroom after the deep clean portion of the restoration with Corporate Care

Thoroughly dry the restored grout and recolor to achieve a cohesive and consistent look.

The solution: deep scrub + antimicrobial protective coating

Luckily, someone in the Director’s network had previously worked with Corporate Care and knew of their expert flooring and surface restoration skills. We visited the building to assess the situation. We arranged a time to demo our skills in one of the worst restrooms in the building.

Our restroom tile and grout restoration process begins with a deep scrub and acid wash of the tile and grout, removing years of built-up gunk and grime. After thoroughly drying, we recolored the grout to achieve a cohesive and consistent look. Then we applied our CareGuard Premium Coating that covalently bonds with the surface making it impervious to pathogens, dirt, and mildew, lasting for years*. This clear antimicrobial coating, available in high gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finish, makes hard surface flooring easier to clean and keep clean with much less time and effort.

“Once the client laid his eyes on the demo floor, he was all in!” — Director of Facility Operations

*System performance timespan and durability depend on the wear and tear of the location and the level of care or neglect the surface receives.

The results: brand new looking tile & grout

The Facilities Management Group was so thrilled with the results of our demo. A one-restroom makeover turned into restoring over 50 restrooms in the building! The restrooms in the entire building were restored at a fraction of the cost and downtime of a complete flooring replacement — something our client greatly appreciated.

Oil and gas firm's restroom after the restoration with Corporate Care

CareGuard Premium Coating was applied in a high gloss finish making the floor impervious to pathogens, dirt, and mildew. This clear antimicrobial coating allows the floor to be cleaned in less time with a lot less effort.

“The restrooms are much easier and faster to clean now. So, hurry up and finish the rest of the building!” — Housekeeper

Client Feedback:

  • It now takes half the time to clean the restrooms thoroughly.
  • The janitorial team worked hard to clean the old restrooms, but they never looked clean. They are thrilled with the transformation and have referred us to some of their other customers. 
  • The entire building was a buzz after the demo; everyone wanted to know when their floor would be completed. Some staff even bypassed the closest restroom to find a restored one on another floor. 
  • Not only did we avoid the time and expense of replacing tiles in every restroom in the building, but we also avoided sending all those tiles to the landfill.  
  • The client is constantly getting compliments from visitors on how great the restrooms look. 
  • We saved the client over $1M by revitalizing their restrooms and avoiding replacing the restroom floors.

Why Corporate Care: we’re the fountain of youth for floors™

With our deep restorative cleaning and CareGuard protective coating, we can completely revitalize worn-out-looking hard flooring. So, if you are considering replacing your tile flooring, call us first to see if we can turn it into a shining asset that is easy to clean and will look fantastic for years with our restroom tile and grout restoration service. We have a CareGuard coating solution for every surface and every budget.

Schedule a Tile & Grout Makeover as a one-time service, or bundle it with a customized maintenance program. The choice is yours. We are here to help you maintain a clean and healthy workspace within your budget.

Not only will we make your tile & grout look fantastic again. We will guarantee it!

We are so confident in our restoration and maintenance services that we offer an appearance warranty on any surface we restore that also has an active maintenance contract with Corporate Care.


About Corporate Care – A sustainability company

Corporate Care exists to improve the appearance, performance, and longevity of every surface in the commercial buildings you manage – reducing capital expenditures, stress, and management burden on facility managers from coast to coast.

As true surface care experts, we understand the unique properties and cleaning protocols every surface needs (or doesn’t) to look amazing and comply with manufacturer warranties. We’re here to support your existing janitorial crew with cadenced deep restorative cleaning and tailored maintenance protocols – performed by IICRC®-certified cleaning technicians.

We are firm believers in restoration over replacement. Let’s reduce waste together!