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What to Expect When Working With a Water Damage Remediation Service

Many commercial building and business owners have never had to hire a water remediation service to repair flood damage to their facilities. Working with these services for the first time can present unexpected challenges. But at Corporate Care, our team is here to help you when you need water damage remediation services.

A water damage remediation service aims to help limit permanent damage from water ingress and restore your commercial space to its pre-water damage condition as quickly as possible. Water remediation services should also ensure the space is water-, mold-, bacteria- and germ-free.

Read on to learn more about water damage remediation services, including what to expect when working with one.

When should you call in a Water damage remediation service?

When it comes to water damage, the best approach is a proactive one. It's always wise to have an emergency remediation plan and service provider in place ahead of time just in case disaster strikes. That said if you do find yourself facing flooding due to leaks or natural disasters, act quickly!

As a general rule of thumb, if the water has affected a space 10 feet by 10 feet or larger or if the water contains germs, bacteria, or feces, you should call in a remediation service. Bacteria in water can start to multiply quickly, and mold can grow in as little as 24 hours, so calling in a professional immediately is important – no matter how fast your own towel-mopping skills may be.

What are some of the common causes of water damage in commercial spaces?

There are several reasons why water damage can occur in a commercial space. Some of the most common include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing issues, including burst pipes or overflowing toilets
  • Problems with water appliances, such as a leaking water heater
  • Flooding due to heavy rains
  • Water damage due to fire

What steps are involved in the water damage remediation process?

Suppose your building has flooded or experienced a water event that damaged your commercial building. In that case, you may wonder what to expect when working with a water damage remediation service.

Multiple steps are involved in the water remediation process, also called the water mitigation or water clean-up process. Knowing what steps are involved and why each step is completed can help you better understand what to expect as you start working with a water damage remediation company, such as us here at Corporate Care.

Removing sitting water from your space

The first step in the water damage remediation process is removing any sitting water from the space. Sitting water can cause damage as it seeps into the building materials in your commercial building.

Sitting water also attracts pests, breeds bacteria, and can start making your space smell, so removing large amounts of water is essential as quickly as possible. Our team uses water pumps or extraction machinery to remove any pooling water, depending on the amount of water.

Thoroughly drying your space out

Once all the visible water in your space has been removed, water will be removed from areas that may not be visible. High-strength air movers are employed, helping the water evaporate.

Dehumidifiers and structural drying equipment are also brought in to help dry the space. These types of equipment can be used to remove water stuck or hidden in the floors, walls, ceiling, or building materials, such as drywall, insulation, or wooden support beams.

Our team continues the drying process until moisture readings, ambient air temperature measurements, and humidity levels indicate that all of the moisture from the space has been removed.

Disposing of anything that cannot be salvaged

Once all of the moisture has been removed from the space, a water damage remediation professional will walk through your commercial building and list items that cannot be salvaged.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all list. A professional must determine what can and cannot be salvaged based on the item's condition, whether the water was clean or dirty, and how long the water was in the space. Anything that cannot be salvaged will be removed from the area and disposed of properly.

Sanitizing and disinfecting your space

The fourth step in the water damage remediation process is to sanitize and disinfect the space. Our IICRC®-certified remediation technicians will come into any room or area affected by water and use cleaning products to help prevent mold growth. Antimicrobial treatments will also be used to kill bacteria, along with a deodorizing process to ensure the water damage does not create lingering scents.

Getting your commercial space back to its pre-damage condition

The last step is to return your commercial space to its pre-damaged condition. For example, if drywall or flooring had to be removed because it was damaged, new drywall and flooring will be installed, ensuring your commercial space is whole again.

Why should you call in a professional water damage remediation service?

Your company may work with a janitorial or commercial cleaning service to keep your commercial building clean. However, the average janitorial service does not know how to handle water-related damage in a building. As such, they may not have the tools, cleaning products, or expertise to properly remove the water and moisture in the air and drywall, determine what can and cannot be salvaged, and sanitize and disinfect a space.

Not remediating properly can allow mold to grow or form in the future, leading to foul odors developing in the space and leaving your space unsanitary. Corporate Care can help you recover from a water disaster while also working hard to help you get back to business promptly.

Has water damaged your commercial space?

Don't wait! Call a restoration company like Corporate Care for water damage remediation services.

Water emergencies often happen unexpectedly. However, when a water event occurs within your commercial space, you need to act fast to minimize water damage and repair any damage that has already happened.

The team at Corporate Care can create an individualized plan to restore your commercial space to its original beauty. Call us @ 800-728-8508 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you require water damage remediation services.


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