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Office chair with sign that says "Stop stealing my chair. I don't want your dirty chair."

Put an End to the Office Chair Shuffle

The Office Chair Swap: A Common Grievance Who hasn’t been a victim of the infamous office chair switch? Many of us can relate to the exasperation that follows the familiar outcry, “Hey, this isn’t my chair; this one is filthy!”. Accidents and spills are inevitable in a bustling workspace, leading to wear, tear, and staining…

busy office with upholstered office furniture and fabric panel cubicles

Overlook Office Furniture Cleaning At Your Own Risk

Office furniture, often an overlooked element of workplace maintenance, can silently impact your brand’s image and the longevity of your assets. When left unchecked, the accumulated dirt, body oils, and general wear can not only degrade your company’s overall perception but can also reduce the lifespan of your furniture. Let’s uncover the benefits of regular…

business people sitting in corporate building lobby on fabric office furniture

5 Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Office Furniture

One aspect of general cleaning that often gets overlooked is facility furniture. Whether you operate a corporate office building, a healthcare facility, or a retail bank, having clean and well-maintained furniture is crucial. In this blog, we’ll be uncovering five benefits of deep cleaning office furniture in your facility and how it can contribute to…

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