Commercial Surface Care

A dingy, scuffed oversaturated vinyl floor due to residue build-up

When Less is More – Identifying Signs of Floor Oversaturation & Residue Build-up

Have you noticed your freshly mopped floors losing their shine and getting sticky, slippery, or full of scuffs shortly after cleaning? Floor oversaturation and residue build-up often occur in the cleaning process. If the excess is not removed, the water will eventually evaporate, but the chemistries are left behind, creating a residue that can actually…

First Impressions Matter – How Well-Maintained Facilities Elevate Your Brand - clean commercial lobby

First Impressions Matter – How Well-Maintained Facilities Elevate Your Brand

Well-maintained facilities are crucial for your brand’s perception. When it comes to your commercial spaces, the condition of your environment can significantly impact how people perceive your brand – from clients and customers to employees and partners. The appearance of your floors, fabrics, and finishes contributes to the overall impression of your space – and…

Natural stone floor in a lobby

Bring Your Floors Back to Life with Natural Stone Revitalization

Natural stone floors have been popular for centuries, adding warmth, charm, and character to any space. Stone floors, including marble, limestone, travertine, slate, and granite, can last forever if adequately cared for and maintained. The downside to having natural stone floors in your commercial business is that they are porous and susceptible to wear, damage,…

lvt (luxury vinyl tile) and polished concrete flooring

The Rise Of LVT And Polished Concrete

Have you noticed a lot fewer carpets in commercial facilities lately? Us too! And there’s a very good reason for this. In recent years, the flooring industry has experienced a significant preference shift among commercial building owners and designers. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and polished concrete have emerged as two flooring options that are gaining…

CareGuard protective coating being applied to a bathroom tile floor

Signs It’s Time to Reapply Your Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial flooring is designed to withstand a large amount of foot traffic. However, these floors must be properly cared for and maintained to help them last and look their best. One of the ways that you can care for your hard floor surfaces and make them last longer is to have a professional apply commercial…

coated terrazzo hard flooring in commercial building - protective floor coatings

The Difference Between Protective Floor Coatings and Treatments

Commercial protective floor coatings and treatments Commercial hard flooring protective coatings and treatments are designed to protect floors from damage, make them easier to clean and care for, and help to extend their lifespan. Protective coatings can also be used to restore and revitalize old flooring that may look worse for wear. At Corporate Care,…

A cleaned and CareGuard protective coated bathroom tile floor

Preserve, Prolong and Protect Your Hard Floors with CareGuard Protective Coatings

The flooring in your commercial building is more than a surface meant to be walked across. When your employees, customers, and clients enter your building, your flooring can catch their eye and make a lasting impression. If your flooring is old, unkept, dull, dirty, or worn, your customers’ lasting impression is likely to be a…

Solid wood flooring in a corporate office space

The Pros and Cons of Each Type of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a popular choice for commercial environments, and it’s easy to understand why. Wood brings charm and character to a space that can be hard to achieve with other flooring types. But with countless natural, engineered, and laminated wooden flooring options available, deciding on the right one can take time and effort. We’ve…

luxury vinyl tile in office

How to Prevent Damage to Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a smart commercial flooring choice, especially in busy areas with high foot traffic. It’s durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean, making it very popular in heavy traffic and public-facing buildings. While it is extremely hard-wearing and easy to maintain, it’s not immortal or impervious to damage, but there are ways…

Man walking on a terrazzo floor

Signs Your Team Is Cleaning Terrazzo Flooring All Wrong

From busy office buildings and airports to hotel lobbies and even the Hollywood walk of fame – terrazzo flooring is everywhere we look. Terrazzo or epoxy terrazzo flooring is sophisticated and hardwearing, making it the perfect choice for many types of commercial spaces. It offers both durability and style and is a very affordable flooring…

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