Commercial Surface Care

hotel lobby with commercial stone floors

What Is Required to Maintain Commercial Stone Floors Properly?

When it comes to commercial properties and office spaces, there is no more elegant or practical finish than stone. Establishing an effective maintenance program is crucial to keep commercial stone floors in good condition and looking their best. 1. First, identify the stone. The beginning phase of designing an effective maintenance program involves identifying the…

stainless steel metal handrail

What Causes Rust on Metal Surfaces and How to Avoid Metal Deterioration

Rust on metal in a commercial space can damage a business’s first impression on a visitor, whether on elevators, door handles, turnstiles, door frames, restroom partitions, fixtures, or other surfaces. Leaving rust unchecked, even in one part of a building, can take away from its overall appearance and leave a bad impression on both employees…

cleaning tile and grout with a dirty mop

The Top Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes

The impact of clean, fresh tile and pristine grout on your building’s visitors cannot be understated. Every space you step into has an impact on how you feel, and the look of the tiled areas in your building is no exception. Keeping them clean makes visitors feel like they are entering an environment where effort…

Corporate Care deep cleaning specialists hard at work cleaning carpet

What’s the Difference Between a Janitorial Team and a Deep Cleaning Team?

You already have a janitorial crew, so why would you need additional deep cleaning services for your commercial property? Janitorial can handle all of the cleaning needs, right? The idea that we should view janitorial crews and commercial deep cleaning teams as opposing forces is a misconception. In reality, both teams have unique strengths and…

people standing on concrete floor

4 Ways Facility Managers Can Help the Environment with Floor Renovation and Not Replacing Floors

With a shift towards more environmentally friendly ways of doing business, the buildings we operate from shouldn’t be overlooked. There are many ways to maintain and improve the condition of the facilities you are managing without causing harm to the environment, like floor renovation vs. replacement. As the circular economy* concept continues to grow and…

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