Corporate Care Floor Cleaning Redmond Washington

Don't Replace. Revitalize! Serving Redmond, Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest

In the vibrant heart of the Pacific Northwest, Corporate Care Redmond offers a new standard in surface care, ensuring the beauty, performance, and longevity of every surface in your managed buildings. Our approach is rooted in sustainability and innovation, tailored to the unique environmental conditions of the Redmond/Seattle area.

Why Corporate Care Redmond?

  • Local Sustainability Focus: As your regional sustainability partner, we're committed to enhancing your surfaces without compromising the environment.
  • Expert Surface Care: Our specialists possess deep knowledge of various flooring and fabric types, ensuring care that respects both aesthetics and manufacturer warranties.
  • Efficient and Sustainable: By partnering with your janitorial teams, we provide deep restorative treatments that reduce maintenance costs and promote environmental sustainability.

Comprehensive Services for Every Need:

  • In-depth Carpet Deep Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Advanced Tile & Grout Restoration
  • Vinyl & Resilient Surface Care
  • Exposed Concrete Maintenance
  • Terrazzo & Natural Stone Care
  • Metal & Wood Finishing
  • Raised Access Flooring Solutions
  • Furniture & Fabric Panel Cleaning
  • Protective Coatings Application
  • Immediate Water Damage Restoration
  • Infection Control Support (decontamination, disinfection, sanitization)
  • Thorough Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Tailored Specialty Projects

Revitalize Your Property with Corporate Care

At Corporate Care in Redmond, we don't just clean; we revitalize and extend the life of your building's surfaces. Our team is ready to respond 24/7, offering everything from emergency water and smoke damage restoration to routine maintenance and floor restorations, all designed to suit your specific needs and budget.

Experience the difference with Corporate Care Redmond, your ally in maintaining pristine and durable surfaces. Contact us at (425) 861-4242 to discuss how we can help you maintain and enhance your property's appearance and functionality for the long term.

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